There is no doubt that there are many agents to choose from in your local area. Some are  good, some are well intentioned and some are just plain bad!

So how do you make a reasoned choice when, on the face of it, we all seem to be offering the same features.

Well, here are a few characteristics of our company which you can benchmark against others:


Philip York has been actively trading in Sydney since 1960. We’ve seen real estate markets in booms and busts, during credit squeezes (Y-Generation should ask the baby boomers), when banking was regulated and when interest rates hit 17% per annum. We take the view that no matter what external factors affect our market, there is a buyer for every property!

And we’ve found a buyer for literally thousands of properties throughout Sydney.


It is the business of the very few to be independent; it is a privilege of the strong.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

Philip York  is an independent real estate agency . This means we can make recommendations to our clients about marketing which are in their best interests and not for the benefit of the “big” corporation. The head offices of many franchise groups dictate what methods of sale their franchisees need to push in order to maximise the exposure of the “corporate name”. This often leads to expensive and needless marketing programs, high commission charges and unfortunately, low sale prices due to high pressure.

Our independence also keeps costs down and allows you greater control over the price and timing of your sale.


Philip York wants all of our clients to have a more than satisfying experience when using our services. We are confident that when selling, our vendors will have the best net result, more money in their pockets, than any of our competitors can deliver. We do this by providing a mobile service, offering a NO CHARGES UNTIL SOLD Policy, avoiding wasteful and unnecessary advertising and only recommending sale methods with a proven track record of high client satisfaction.


Philip York has always used ethically-based business practices. To the surprise of some, this co-incidentally results in high levels of satisfaction for both the seller and the buyer. We like transparency in marketing and negotiation. We avoid ambiguous pricing strategies, we require all offers in writing and expect buyers to use their cooling-off rights to cement any verbal deals made (subject to proper legal advice).


Philip York seriously hope to have your business, but we cannot lie in order to win your trust. Over-quoting is a common practice used to gain a listing, but it usually ends in disaster when buyer offers are either non-existent or are way below the agents original quoted price. Philip York offer our clients a written “Price and Service Guarantee”, meaning we don’t get paid unless we deliver on what we said we could achieve. So we have to be confident that our estimates are realistic and that we perform to the standard you expect.


Philip York is not a “9 to 5” business, 6 days a week. Real estate does not work that way. We have to be available at times when a ready, willing and able buyer wants to see a property owned by a ready, willing and able seller. And we can do Sunday market appraisals! If ever our door is closed, our phones are still open!

Our phones are answered 24 hours 7 days a week because we are keen for business. Your enquiry will be acted upon. Try us…

1300 934 970