It’s sometimes surprising how many owners prefer discretion when selling their property. There could be a variety of reasons such as:

  • they don’t want their neighbours to know they are ‘on the market’,
  • they don’t want big “FOR SALE” or “AUCTION” signboards in front of their homes,
  • they don’t want to spend a small fortune on glossy newspaper ads, or
  • they don’t want a trail of non-buyers (sticky-beaks, neighbours, people looking for decorating ideas) walking through their private homes.

These people are privy to a little known secret: they sell their homes for excellent prices in short time periods because we MATCH their properties with the RIGHT BUYERS. Many buyers appreciate our personal service, our follow-up calls about new listings and the added value attached to ‘under the counter’ properties, which are not widely known about.

If you prefer to sell discreetly, have a look at our Buyers Ready Now page. There are a selection of buyers from the last 30 days who are waiting for us to find them the right home.

Otherwise, please call us on 1300 934 970 for a free discreet market appraisal.