Unlike selling, leasing property requires a much faster turn-around. After all, hundreds of dollars are being lost every week your property remains vacant.

Philip York has been in the leasing and management business since the early 1960’s. We understand the needs of investors and the importance of reliable cash flow in order for you to meet your financial commitments.

“Seen it, been there, done that”…

When it comes to Property Management, experience counts for a lot. A good manager is a rare find and it can be like having insurance – many tasks are routine and systemised, however situations invariably eventuate during the life of any investment which require a careful hand to mitigate possible losses and to protect your asset.

Paul Kiely has over 30 years of experience which is available to you. He is a licensed Strata Agent and Business Agent and has managed everything from bedsitters to mansions, shops, acreage and vacant land.

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